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About IBF

Who we are

Established in 2020, Indonesia Biru Foundation (IBF) is an independent organization doing coral reef research, restoration, and coastal communities development. It is our vision is to increase the marine literacy of Indonesian citizens. Our main approach is science but we also work together with a lot of local communities to integrate scientific findings for practical use in the field. We are based in a paradise island, Lombok – Bali’s neighboring island to the east.

Our missions

Capacity building through research

By doing research and develop our methods we try to enlarge our impact. This is how we come to the best possible ways to restore the coral reefs.

Help economic improvement for coastal community

We believe that the local community is crucial in the restoration process. That is why we involve the local community as much as possible in the activities of IBF. For example, educate them and include them in our diving operations.

Dissemination of information to general public

On this moment is there too little attention for this problem. To make a bigger impact we need to increase the scale we are working on. Public awareness is a key role to achieve this.

What we do





We take small fragments of a healthy coral. Also, we make sure we do not take too much and weaken the healthy coral.

After this we clean the spider constructions and tie the fragments onto these. Here the corals can form and create a new colony. 

During our dives we monitor the state and the progress of the planted coral fragments.

We learn from our collected data and improve our methods. For example, which coral species are more resilient than others.

Coral Lab

One of our missions is to create awareness, and educate the public about this topic. In our special reef tanks we can grow the corals in our lab, and display it to the people. We teach the people about the sealife in our coral workshop. Feel free to come by and see it for yourself!

Want to learn more about the Coral Reef?

More activities

Read more about our activities on our news page!

Project TU Delft
Mangrove planting

Meet the team

Andre Saputra

Soraya al Rashid

Leyla Rose

Working in Geology and Marine Science domain for the past 8 years has driven Andre to work in the field while trying to do good for the environment. In his spare time, Andre loves to observe and photograph the shallow reef where the corals thrive the most.

The coral restoration program is really exciting for a diver! Determine which corals are healthy and in what kink of condition they are.

”Diver and entrepreneur”

Leyla Rose is a freelance writer and trained journalist based between the United Kingdom and Lombok, Indonesia. She has been freelancing since 2019 and specialises in writing about food, travel, and culture. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and online publications

Josh Edwards


Destyananda has a big passion in sustainable tourism. She is herself co-founder of Dear Senggigi – eco friendly clothing brand based in Lombok

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