IBF Ocean Matters

Indonesia Biru Foundation

IBF is an organisation started 2 years ago with the mission to restore the coral reef and raise awareness on this topic. Read more about our mission and our methods.

About the coral reef

Almost 50% of the coral reef already died out. Learn more about the importance of the coral and why we need to perserve it.

What we do

We plant back the coral by adjusting the pieces onto the underwater structure. In our reeftank we grow the coral fragments as part of the education. Read more about our activities!

Help IBF during a restorative dive

Make a dive with IBF and hep us to plant back the coral! During the restoration dive you can help IBF with the restoration of the coral reef and learn more about the activities of IBF.

Interested? Read more about the options here.


Andre Saputra

Andrean Saputra, or Andre, is a marine scientist and founder of Indonesia Biru Foundation (IBF), a local volunteer-driven non-governmental organisation. During 2020, Andre found himself in the same position as many other people around the world — tired and bored with the monotony of lockdown. He decided he’d do something impactful with his time, taking up the fight for what he loves. IBF was founded with the aim of carrying out coral research, restoration, and coastal community development in several reefs around Lombok and the Gilis


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